Solutions to Common Failures of Solids Control Mud Agitator
Mud agitators are often used on mud tanks in mud recovery and purification systems, and are also used on mud tanks in trenchless mud purification systems. KOSUN is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solids control equipment such as mud shakers and mud agitators.
Below we will analyze the solutions for common failures of Mud Agitator:
Fault 1: Oil leakage in the reducer of the mud agitator.
Most horizontal mud agitators use a worm gear reducer, so the temperature of the worm gear reducer increases during the agitator process, which will cause the parts of the reducer to expand and contract differently due to thermal expansion, and the mating surface will form a gap. The lubricating oil of the reducer becomes thinner under the action of high temperature, causing leakage or lubrication failure. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably match the material of the worm gear to avoid excessive wear, and strictly follow the brand lubricant specified by the manufacturer. There is also the option of installing a cooling device or lowering the ambient temperature.
Trouble 2: Worm gear of reducer is worn.
Because the reducer uses a worm gear reducer, the worm wheel uses tin bronze as the main material, and the worm uses hard steel. Improper selection of the worm gear will cause the worm gear to wear out too quickly and reduce the life of the reducer.
Fault 3: The bearing of the reducer is damaged.
Worm bearing damage of worm gear reducer is mainly manifested as bearing rust, corrosion, etc. The main reason for this problem is insufficient lubrication of gears in the deceleration direction, or lubrication failure caused by emulsification of gear oil. Therefore, it must be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard for the amount of oil added to the reducer.

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