KOSUN directional drilling Mud Purification Equipment
The main components of directional drilling mud purification equipment:
 ⑴ Shale shaker: The Shale shaker is composed of two Shale shaker motors, a Shale shaker box, a pair of coarse screen plates, a pair of fine screen plates, four sets of vibration isolation springs, and two sets of backing plates.
⑵ Pump: The pump consists of a slurry pump, a drive motor, and a flow control distribution valve.
⑶ Cyclone:The purification effect of the whole device on the mud mainly depends on the particle sorting index of the cyclone. The specific index of sand removal efficiency is reflected in the degree of separation of -0.045mm particle size.
The main characteristics of KOSUN directional drilling mud purification equipment:
1. The drilling mud purification equipment has a large processing capacity of 250m3/h, and the purification and sand removal efficiency is high, reaching more than 90% (-0.045mm particle size).
2. The shale shaker has a low failure rate, and is easy to install.
3. The linear shale shaker makes the sieved ballast material have a good dehydration effect.
4. Adjustable shale shaker screen's exciting force, screen surface angle and screen hole size enable it to maintain a good screening effect in various formations.
5. The shale shaker has high screening efficiency and can be adapted to the drilling footage of various drilling rigs in different formations.
6. The shale shaker motor has high power factor, low energy consumption and significant energy saving effect.
7. The shale shaker has low operating noise, which is conducive to work.
8.The wear-resistant centrifugal slurry pump has the characteristics of structure, high degree of generalization, reliable operation and convenient assembly and disassembly.
9.The hydrocyclone has structural parameters. The material is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and light in weight, so it is easy to operate, durable and economical.
10.The liquid level automatic balance device can not only maintain the liquid level of the slurry tank, but also realize repeated mud treatment and further purification.
11. The unique backflushing device can effectively prevent the slurry tank from being overfilled with silt, so as to keep the equipment running normally for a long time. 

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